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PostSubject: Wushang Links [ ALL APPLICANTS READ]   Wushang Links [ ALL APPLICANTS READ] Icon_minitime1Sat Jun 02, 2012 9:22 am

All Applicants read this part, please
Your application MUST include a sample of what your final build (gear+stats) will be, and for that we use the extremely versatile Wushang calculator. While not always 100% updated on renewal items, this is a very accurate way to show what you will be striving to obtain as your endgame setup.

1. This is ENDGAME build, as in what you will be using when all of your farming is done. Do not neglect MVP loots simply because you don't have them. If you are accepted into the guild, we will take measures to invest in your equipment.
2. This is not a dream build, don't post ridiculous things such as MVP cards, +10 MVP equips, or builds crutching on something you cannot obtain due to restricted Renewal items.
3. Calculate with foods factored in, and then mention them on your application, as they sometimes will not be shown in the link.
4. If you will be using swap-off equipment, mention it in your application. Specify what you will default and what will be swapped, and when/why.
How to use Wushang:
First, go here:

Next, start setting up your build.
a. Select your job by clicking the arrow next to Novice, the droplist has all the non-renewal classes.
b. Select your level, being as this is for endgame, base level should be 99 and job should be 70 (or 69 if you're Humpy)
c. Repeat the process of clicking arrows and selecting values to allocate stats
d. As you scroll down, there are various boxes containing buffs and debuffs. These include everything from Priest buffs to Gospel to songs/dances to food, so on and so forth. Don't go overboard calculating your buffs into a final build; Bless/Agi and food buffs are reliable, Gospel/Impo/Gloria/etc are not.

Once everything is set up, go back up to the top of the page. Click the button that says Save, as this will give you a quick way to re-open and tweak your build later on. After that, click the button that says Save As URL. This button generates a URL in the empty bar to the right, which you highlight, Copy, and Paste on your application.

Put it inside a spoiler tag:

General character building tips
Following these tips may not get you into the guild, but they will help you avoid embarrassment.
1. Stun-proof is 97 Vit
2. Sleep sucks, especially if you're a Devoted class
3. BG rewards include +7 stat foods
4. Yellow Headband is available on NemainRO
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